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Lab Specialist- Yeast Wrangler

Zona Industrial, Toluca
Full-time minimum 4 days per week / flexible hours

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for pushing the boundaries of flavor, we are seeking a skilled Lab Technician to join our dynamic team. This role will be responsible for managing our lab to ensure the highest standards of quality and consistency in the beverages that we produce. Additionally, in this role you will oversee aspects of quality control and assurance, from raw materials to finished goods, implementing and maintaining rigorous protocols to uphold our reputation.. Salary $400 mx pesos per day.


-Bachelor degree/ technician career in science area such as biotechnology, chemistry, microbiology, biology or related.
-Intermediate Excel skills are required
-Some experience of working in a sterile environment and using asceptic technique

Job Requirements:

Passionate about beer and fermentation, with an insatiable desire to learn
Team player, optimistic, empathetic, can work through conflict constructively
Able to work a flexible schedule
Ability to stand for long periods of time, bend, and occasionally lift objects 15k.
Entry-level position, no previous work experience required

Job Responsibilities:

Develop and implement quality control procedures and protocols to ensure consistency and compliance with regulatory standards
Conduct regular inspections and audits to identify areas for improvement and ensure adherence to quality standards
Perform thorough analysis of our beverages in a lab setting using a variety of analytical techniques, including sensory evaluation, microbiological testing, and chemical analysis
Collaborate with production, brewing, and packaging teams to identify and resolve quality issues in a timely manner, implementing corrective and preventive actions as needed
Assist production in general tasks as required or if lab work is up to date.
Maintain accurate records and documentation of quality control data, test results, and compliance records
Stay current on industry trends, regulatory requirements, and best practices in quality assurance and quality control
Maintains Yeast Propagation Program, yeast cell counting, plating cultures and makes adjustments to processes as discussed with the Production Manager

Working Conditions:

Ability to work normal days 9am-5pm, and the occasional weekend if needed.
Must have reliable transportation to work
Ability to work in a noisy environment
Capable of following all safety procedures while working with potentially hazardous machinery, chemicals with the proper PPE and safeguards in place.

Upon being hired there will be an expectation of signing an NDA (Non-DisclosureAgreement). Compensation will be based on experience and performance.

Job Application

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