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General assistant

Zona Industrial, Toluca

We are looking to add a General assistant to our team, with a background in bio technology or chemistry. You will gain valuable experience on the brew deck, lab practices and will be playing an active part in our current growth and in the production of our sought-after beers. Starting salary $8000 mx pesos per month.


Background in Bio-technology or chemistry

Intermediate/fluent in English language
Good communication, time management, troubleshooting, and organizational skills
Ability to multitask effectively
Commitment to quality, safety, and hard work.
Report all low levels of inventory to your supervisor as necessary.

Drivers licence

Job Requirements:

Wort production on our Premier Stainless 5bbl brewhouse
CIP of brewhouse, fermentation, and bright tanks
Prepare, mill in grains and weigh out hops for brewing
Transfer beer to and from fermentation tanks, bright tanks, kegs
Miscellaneous cellar operations including yeast handling and pitching, dry hopping, CIP, and general cleaning and sanitation
Assist with packaging beer
Complete all necessary paperwork accurately and on time
Maintain yeast; propagation
/cell counting/disposal/harvest

Job Responsibilities:

Brewing, cleaning and sanitizing, fermentation, yeast management and conditioning tanks.
Mash-in ,mash-out, wort transfer, gravity checks, pH testing, wort stability sample-taking, titration, knockout and oxygenation
Tank to tank beer transfers in an aseptic manner.
Monitoring fermentation beer, checking gravities daily as needed. Monitoring cooling off fermenting, conditioning and carbonating beer to established specifications.
Clean and sanitizes product lines and equipment and general working area in the cellar including floors, tank exteriors, parts, floor drains.

Working Conditions:

Ability to work normal days 9am-5pm, and the occasional weekend if needed.
Capable of standing on your feet for long periods of time, up to 10 hours per day
Must have reliable transportation to work
Physical capability of regularly lifting up to 30kg to shoulder height, comfortable working at heights, in cramped spaces and awkward positions, and in hot or cold environments for an extended period of time.
Ability to work in a noisy environment
Capable of following all safety procedures while working with potentially hazardous machinery, chemicals with the proper PPE and safeguards in place.

Upon being hired there will be an expectation of signing an NDA (Non-DisclosureAgreement). Compensation will be based on experience and performance.

Job Application

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